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Got a question about BearCIty 3 or our Indiegogo campaign to get it finished?

Ask your husbear. (Politely.)
If he doesn’t know, look at the FAQ, linked below, for an answer first.
If your question isn’t answered here, then ask us.
If you send in a question, please be patient. We’ll answer as fast as we can!


Why crowdfunding? Why aren't you paying for BearCity 3 yourselves?

We are doing this all on our own. We worked with amazing, wonderful, caring investors on BearCity & BearCity 2: The Proposal. We are still paying for those wonderful people with the downloads you buy from!!

Investors in little tiny movies know it’s a long haul, but because of torrenting & filesharing it can take years to pay them back!

So this time, we hope our BearCity family will want to go on this ride with us! There are SOOOO many great perks to enjoy along the way!

Didn't YOU ALREADY REACH YOUR goal & SHOOT THE MOVIE? Why do you need more money?

We're happy you asked, because that's an important question in this campaign:

$200,000 was the base MINIMUM amount to do our indie film with all the costs of production & post-production. That’s us pitching our tents on the side of the river & using iPhones to film scenes, but as people throw more support our way, we can do so much more!


The more we raise, the better we can make your movie, and the more you'll love it. A bigger budget means better music, better special effects to make the film look real. It could also mean a REAL. LIVE. BEAR!!


Why make a sequel to BearCity 2 after all this time?

We've always wanted to make a third film, but when you do any film, especially one with multiple characters, you have to juggle a great number of schedules. So we wrote an awesome script and then called the gang to make sure we could make it happen.

In the world of movie making, three years is not so long (hello, Jurassic Park 14!) plus, because we think of our characters as living breathing beings, it’s given them even more adventures!!


The plan is to come out in July 2016 but we can't do that without your help!

What's BearCity 3 going to be about?

Spoiler Alert!!! We all know how you bears love to hear spoilers (YOU KNOW NOTHING JOHN SNOW!) so we won't be divulging any more than our official synopsis:

After a continuing losing streak that started at the altar, Roger tries to claw out of financial ruin and into the arms of Tyler. But Jay, Ty’s hunky Fire Chief partner is not letting that flame blaze.

Meanwhile, fireworks explode when Fred's obsessive tinkering on their bear documentary conflicts with Brent's baby prep and the unwavering due date of their new born.

Mama Bear Michael faces major challenges embracing a BIG surprise and finds that love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Join us as we take one final adventure into the woods with the BearCity gang, where romance can sometimes be hairy but ultimately worth every hilarious, sometimes painful and all-consuming moment.

Be patient, and with your help, you'll be able to join your favorite bears' by 2016, and maybe catch a few surprises along the way!


What if the perk I want is sold out?

Get these perks while they’re hot, Handsome Helpers! So, please come on board now! If possible, we'll increase the number of a few limited release perks & if we can, we’ll add a few more awesome perks throughout the month. So, keep checking!

When will I get my perks?

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, there’s always a chance that schedules will change, or that things will fall behind. But if this campaign reachepost-production immediately so we can release BearCity 3 next Spring! (Hopefully less than a year from now!)

According to that schedule, here’s when you can probably expect to receive your perks: Some of them like our secret Facebook updates can be as early as August when we start pulling all the folks together! The shout-outs will be when we start filming so we can give you updates! Special crew shirts in October, etc! The DVDs, Downloads & Blu-rays that come to you early will still have to wait until 2016 so we can put the magic together!

Are all rewards available in all countries?

Only US residents or international residents with valid work visas can be extras or have a speaking line in the movie!! We wish it was otherwise, because we adore our international fans! So if you have papers - come on board!

How will you know where to send my perks?

Once the campaign ends, we’ll give you more details about how to get your perks, change your address, tell us your preferred perk details, and so on.

What happens if the movie never comes out?

If some act of Ursus, like a furry volcano or bear zombie plague (these can happen, people!) keeps us from finishing this movie, we’d still send you any perks that we’re able to produce. (And then they'll be genuine collectibles!) For perks that we couldn’t produce on our own, such as the premiere events, digital downloads, or DVDs, we would issue you a partial refund for the part of your contribution that would have paid for the perk. BUT C'MON PEOPLE!!! WE SHOT THE DANG THING! WE JUST NEED A FEW MORE BUCKS TO BRING'ER HOME! :)

What if I want more than one of the perks?

By all means DIG IN, you HONGRY HUNK! You can make multiple pledges on Indiegogo using a single account. Just make sure you use the same email address & login, so we’ll know that all of your perks are meant to go to the same person.


How will I get my DIGITAL DOWNLOAD perk?

We’re still working out the specifics, but we’ll do our best to make it available on all of the major platforms -- iTunes, Amazon, Google, Vimeo & to protect your download. There are several options & we’re researching the best. Outside of the United States, the options may be different. We’ll keep you posted.


If you want to be sure you’ll get to see BearCity 3 on the big screen, no matter where you live or how many theaters it gets released in, a few of you can reserve a private theatrical screening in your town. One of our fans, Shawn Boling, produced his VERY own screening of BearCity 2 in Dallas, Texas at a cinema where they serve FOOD!!! And made his deposit back! Brilliant!

If you can figure out a local theater that will host your screening - which these days, is easy to do, you can rent a screen, and do a private screening for your posse. If there’s a cast member anywhere near & a way they can get to the screening, you can even have a talk-back or meet & greet!

That part can’t be guaranteed because we don’t know where you live! BUT we have had actors CAM in to things or send messages via CAM! Clothes ON, people! Clothes ON!

Will I be able to specify which actor (or actors) I will be able to be featured in the film if I chose that perk?

The bulk of the film is shot so the featured roles we will shot in the spring would focus on YOU! However, why not let us know? We will try to position everyone near their favorite character through the magic of editing!

Our Bear Group (store, Company) would love to add a group shot to the credits. How much would this level be?

You can put a photo, a logo or a commerical! We would so love groups from all over the world to be represented in the credits & also to celebrate the characters you love so much for the last time & go on this raucous trek with us!

The perk is $400 and comes with 5 signed DVDs or Blu Rays for your members to watch and enjoy. Also includes up to 10 member names underneath the logo and website URL in the credits.

Oh, Ok. I got it... Let's Do this!

Check out the perks and donate now!


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